Health Tip of the Day: Antiperspirants and Cancer

Is it any coincidence that the most common place for breast cancer in women is on the sides of the breasts near the underarm? According to multiple studies, no. The antiperspirant in the deodorant keeps us from sweating. Well, sweating is how our body releases toxins. If we can’t sweat how do the toxins get released? The answer, they don’t. So the next time you go to the deodorant isle, look for one with no antiperspirant. If that’s a stretch, look for one with the lowest percentage of antiperspirant.

Health Tip of the Day: Strokes and Chiropractic Care

If you are like me and regularly go to a chiropractor, you may want to rethink your treatment. Multiple studies show a link between chiropractic adjustment and strokes. When chiropractors adjust your neck, it stretches and pulls on your blood vessels causing an infantry of problems. So next time, have your chiropractor to LEAVE YOUR NECK ALONE!

Resources: Doctors at Erlanger Hospital and google

Health Tip of the Day: Eating REAL Food

Most of the food Americans eat are processed, and most of this food comes in a box, you unwrap it, or open a bag. Ever notice how all that food is pretty much the same color? Brown or yellow? Well, the first step to becoming healthier is cutting all that processed food out of your diet. Instead, try to eat vegetables and fruits. To keep it simple, eat color! Eat the food the Earth provides!

Books that may help:
The Body Book by Cameron Diaz
Anything Jillian Michaels has written
The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin